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About Hydraulic Projects Ltd

Who Are We?

Hydraulic Projects Ltd was first incorporated in 1966, having been started in a boat yard in Teignmouth by its founder Dick Hammond.  Dick, a skilled engineer and designer, recognised the need for a robust, compact and economic range of hydraulic valves for smaller OEMs.  In 1984, a new purpose-built factory was commissioned in Devon, England.  The company now produces three ranges of modular valves,  a selection of line mounted valves, two ranges of pumps for autopilots (reversing and constant running) and a Design Award winning hydraulic actuator with combined pump and reservoir.  The business boasts state of the art production machinery, assembly shops and design facilities all on one facility on the Devon coast.  Products are designed in-house using solid modelling techniques and more than 90% of components are manufactured on site.  All products are assembled and tested at the Devon base.   Quality is paramount and the company is certified to ISO 9001 quality standards. Still a family owned business, the directors intend to expand further into new markets and products for generations to come.

Who Are Our Customers?

The Hy-Pro (registered trademark) brand is known for technical backup and cost effective bespoke hydraulic solutions as well as standard control valve ranges.  As a result, the Hy-Pro brand is sold into a niche market; mobile hydraulic control solutions for small to medium-sized original equipment manufacturers

(OEMs).  The Hy-Pro team supply smaller companies with expert guidance and advice as well as specially designed valves to suit specific applications.  With qualified engineers, an experienced technical sales team and manufacturing equipment on the same site, new products and product modifications can be produced within weeks. 

The Hy-Pro range and bespoke products are being sold into OEMs around the UK and Europe, including customers such as Teagle Machinery, Ransomes Jacobsen, McConnel, Atlas Copco, Forum Energy Technology, Spencer Carter, Schuitemaker Machines (Holland) and STS Olbramovice (Czech Republic).

Hy-Pro products can be found in agricultural and fruit picking equipment, car recovery trucks, car transporters, construction equipment, railway maintenance equipment, pipeline construction, drilling rigs, industrial applications and fishing boats.  The manual and solenoid operated valves are known for reliability, durability and value for money with on-time delivery (valves are built to order from stocked components).

In the last year, two approved UK distributors have been appointed for the Hy-Pro range; P&R Hydraulics, servicing the East and South East, and Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets, supplying the North, the Midlands, the South and Wales.  In addition, the Hy-Pro range has distributors in Northern Ireland, Europe and Chille as well as a host of smaller retailers and hydraulic installers around the UK.

Marine autopilot pumps and actuators are  supplied to large autopilot manufacturers and boat yards.  Between 2012 and 2014 a new range of reversing pumps was developed to include sizes between 0.6 and 2.5 litres per minute.  The introduction of this super-quiet, IP67, economical and low power pump has been very successful.    Actuators and 50 mm cylinders sold with pumps are widely favoured by large ocean-going cruising and racing sailing yachts.  These were famously used by Pete Goss and are still used by others in the solo round-the-world races).  The reversing pump and actuator ranges are now the autopilot hydraulics of choice for Raymarine, Nexus, Coursemaster (Australia), B&G and Garmin (USA).  Hy-ProDrive products are also sold through distributors in the UK, Europe and even South Africa.

One key design feature of the new pump range is its quiet operation, using gear technology.  This is very important on sailing boats and small sports fishing boats, where noise is unacceptable.  In addition, the low power consumption is also vital where batteries are being relied upon.  The unit is also water resistant to IP67 and corrosion resistant.  Ironically, these marine features have now found favour in other markets such as snow blowing machines, dentists’ chairs, sport car suspension and unmanned submarines.

The Hy-ProDrive collection also comprises two versions of a constant running pump for larger working craft, like fishing boats. 

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