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Why Are We Different?

Legally- Purifiers must meet EPA Guide Standard Protocol for Microbiological Purifiers against bacteria, cysts, and viruses.

Most filters are intended to remove some taste and odors. Only a small selection of the very best water filters may remove specific protozo, and possibly certain aesthetic contaminants, providing a lesser standard of protection than that of General Ecology water purification systems. General Ecology purifiers remove viruses, bacteria and protozoa, PLUS many organic and inorganic chemcial and aesthetic contaminants at the highest "purification" micron level (0.4 microns absolute) to provide great-tasting water while protecting against water-related disease. (Please see published test results.)

Manufactured in the USA from the finest raw materials, our water purifiers are ecologically and environmentally compatible; they purify naturally without adding chlorine, iodine or other pesticides to the water you drink and use in your foods and beverages. General Ecology's "Structured MatrixTM" technology is independently certified to USEPA Purification Standards against all three classes of waterborne disease organisms - parasitic cysts, bacteria, and viruses - instantly, without pre/post treatment, without wasting water and without electricity. Outstandingly effective, they also remove chemical and aesthetic contaminants, providing superbly refreshing, spring-like water for a naturally healthy lifestyle.

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