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For more than three decades we have been designing and manufacturing products within the battery and transformer technology. On the basis of experience in this specialised field combined with the knowledge of requirements in the marine environment, we have been able to develop the total package now known and recognised as the philippi marine electrical system.

Production commenced in 1978 and philippi gmbh has been in existence twenty-five years during which time marine electrical technology has advanced substantially into the high-tech field. Our company was the first commercial enterprise in marine electrical products to incorporate the parameters and regulations of VDE/EN ISO and Germanischer Lloyd authorities. With continuous innovation such as the introduction of automatic charging equipment as well as the current IU-Pulse charging technique we have made an important contribution towards the present level of progress.

Over the last 29 years there has been a rapid development in this product group in response to demand on the part of boat builders, dealers and private owners seeking dependable electrical systems. In the meantime we have built up contacts and have established supply contracts with boat builders and customers in Europe and overseas.

Twice our workshops proved too small for our operations so that we built a new factory which we occupied in 1991. This new facility enables us in future to expand our production programme as well as to enlarge our research and development activity to meet the latest demands of the industry. We are also engaged in the distribution of products of such well-known companies as Binder, E-T-A, Turotest and Pro-Car in the Federal Republic and other countries.

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