• Brunton Varifold

Really must have a propeller when sailing? Have the best!

Even to the untutored eye close examination of a Varifold says excellent design and build quality. Hardly surprising when you realise that Bruntons Propellers are far from just being a supplier of propellers to builders and owners of leisure craft. The company designs and supplies propellers of the most advanced design to navies and commercial shipbuilders around the world and our in house designers, engineers and Naval Architects who work on those projects also bring their undoubted expertise to Varifold and our other leisure propellers.

Design of course is only one part of the process; a brilliant design is nothing unless matched by the highest quality build materials and construction processes. Our state of the art CNC manufacturing plant allows us to ensure that Varifolds highly advanced design features, like the special low pitch at the blade tips, which contributes so much to the excellent low noise and vibration characteristics of the propeller, can actually be manufactured and accurately reproduced on every blade.

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