• Engine Maintenance

Our certificated and specialized technical service completes maintenance and repair works of outboard engines, sport boats and jet-skis.

Our certified experts meticulously perform maintenance, repair and installation of all diesel and gasoline engines.

Boat and yacht propeller shaft control.

Engine-Transmission-Take the shaft plane to the line.

Head Propeller Treatments.

Engine repair: Main machine, generator, diesel engine, gasoline engine malfunctions are made with general service rules. Here, the system applied in planned maintenance is applied.

Gearbox repair: Gearbox repairs will be done by our team. Repair and repair of the gearbox model and repair of spare parts are guaranteed.

Pumps, hydrofoils, repairs.

Propeller, head propeller and shaft repairs.

Rudder repair.

Command line repair

Electronic equipment repairs.

Electrical equipment repairs.


Engine Maintenance