• Robert Le Forestier, APSARA

APSARA , Robert Le Forestier

Hello Riza,
We arrived at 11h30 on Léros after a stop yesterday
evening in Kalimnos.
We had bad weather conditions during the first night.
But everything is OK  and we are on Time for going to
Genève and pick up our grandsons.
Thank you for doing your best all along this busy 
time. I am very pleased with your work and send 
my congratulations to you and your team.
You know very well AMEL boat sur and I told  it to AMEL owners 
I met this morning..
I will continue to tell the story because I am satisfied 
And because you deserve it .
Thank you for your warm welcome when we were 
â bit dépressed, à thank you for finding us facilities 
during our stay 
Kind regards
Robert Le Forestier